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Courses Offered by CSE Department

SNo Code Course Name
1 CS201 Mathematics for Computer Science - I
2 CS202 Mathematics for Computer Science - II
3 CS203 Mathematics for Computer Science - III
4 CS220 Computer Organisation
5 CS251 Computing Laboratory - I
6 CS252 Computing Laboratory - II
7 CS253 Software Development and Operations
8 CS300 Computer Science and Engineering Communication Skills
9 CS315 Principles of Database Systems
10 CS330 Operating Systems
11 CS335 Compiler Design
12 CS340 Theory of Computation
13 CS345 Algorithms II
14 CS350 Principles of Programming Languages
15 CS360 Introduction to Computer Graphics
16 CS365 Artificial Intelligence
17 CS395 Undergraduate Project - I (UGP-1)
18 CS396 Undergraduate Project - II (UGP-2)
19 CS397 Special Topics in Computer Science
20 CS422 Computer Architecture
21 CS425 Computer Networks
22 CS433 Parallel Programming
23 CS455 Software Engineering
24 CS497 Special Topics in Computer Science
25 CS498 Undergraduate Project - III (UGP-3)
26 CS499 Undergraduate Project - IV (UGP-4)
27 CS601 Mathematics for Computer Science
28 CS602 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
29 CS603 Fundamentals of Theoretical Computer Science
30 CS610 Programming for Performance
31 CS614 Linux Kernel Programming
32 CS615 Skyline Queries in Database
33 CS616 Human Centered Computing
34 CS617 Database Queries
35 CS618 Indexing and Searching Techniques in Databases
36 CS619 Advances in DBMS
37 CS621 Topics in Contemporary Microarchitecture
38 CS622 Advanced Computer Architecture
39 CS623 VLSI Design for Parallel Architectures
40 CS624 Topics in Embedded Systems
41 CS625 Advanced Computer Networks
42 CS626 Fault Tolerant Computing Systems
43 CS627 E-commerce
44 CS628 Computer Systems Security
45 CS629 Parallel Execution of Programs
46 CS630 Advanced Operating Systems For Embedded Systems, Pervasive Computing and Internet Of Things [Details]
47 CS631 Cyber security of critical infrastructure
48 CS632 Topics in Distributed Systems
49 CS633 Parallel Computing
50 CS634 Mobile Computing
51 CS635 Approximation Algorithms
52 CS636 Analysis of Concurrent Programs
53 CS637 Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems
54 CS638 Formal Methods in Robotics and Automation
55 CS639 Program Analysis, Verification and Testing
56 CS640 Computational Complexity
57 CS641 Modern Cryptology
58 CS642 Circuit Complexity Theory
59 CS643 Abstract State Machines
60 CS644 Finite Automata on Infinite Inputs
61 CS645 Topics in Design and Analysis of Algorithms
62 CS646 Parallel Algorithms
63 CS647 Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Data Structures
64 CS648 Randomized Algorithms
65 CS649 Logic in Computer Science
66 CS650 Topics in Lambda Calculus
67 CS651 Concurrent Data Structures and Algorithms
68 CS652 Computer Aided Verification
69 CS653 Functional Programming
70 CS654 Software Architecture
71 CS655 Topics in Linear Programming
72 CS656 Algorithmic Game Theory
73 CS657 Information Retrieval
74 CS658A Malware Analysis and Intrusion Detection
75 CS659 Autonomous Cyber-physical Systems
76 CS660 Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics
77 CS663 Computational Geometry
78 CS664 IoT System Design
79 CS665 Secure Memory Systems
80 CS666 Hardware Security for Internet-of-Things
81 CS667A Introduction to Internet of Things and its Industrial Applications
82 CS668A Practical Cyber Security for Cyber Practitioners
83 CS671 Introduction to Natural Language Processing
84 CS672 Natural Language Processing Semantics
85 CS673 Machine Translation
86 CS674 Knowledge Discovery
87 CS676 Computer Vision and Image Processing
88 CS677 Data and Information Fusion
89 CS678 Learning with Kernels
90 CS680 Category Theory and Applications in Computing
91 CS681 Computational Algebra and Number Theory
92 CS682 Quantum Computing
93 CS684 Introduction to Algorithms and Logics in Game Theory
94 CS685 Data Mining
95 CS686 Data Driven Program Analysis
96 CS687 Algorithmic Information Theory
97 CS688 Computational Arithmetic-Geometry and Applications
98 CS689A Computational Linguistics for Indian Languages
99 CS690 Computational Genomics
100 CS697 MTech Independent Study
101 CS698A Selected Areas of Mechanism Design
102 CS698B Linear algebraic tools for TCS
103 CS698C Sketching and Sampling For Big Data Analysis
104 CS698D Topics in Data Compression
105 CS698E Topics in Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
106 CS698G Topics in Parallel Computing
107 CS698H Topics in Homotopy Type Theory
108 CS698I Relational Structures in Games
109 CS698J Introduction to Constructive Types Theory and its Applications
110 CS698K Designing Verifiably Secure Systems
111 CS698N Recent Advances in Computer Vision
112 CS698O Special Topics in Natural Language Processing
113 CS698P Applications of Markov Chains in Combinatorial Optimization and in Evolutionary Dynamics
114 CS698Q Complexity Measures for Boolean Functions
115 CS698R Deep Reinforcement Learning
116 CS698V Introduction to Lambda Calculus, Types and Models
117 CS698W Topics in Game Theory and Collective Choice
118 CS698X Topics in Probabilistic Modeling and Inference
119 CS698Y Modern Memory Systems
120 CS699 M.Tech. Thesis
121 CS711 Introduction to Game Theory and Mechanism Design
122 CS712 Selected Areas of Mechanism Design
123 CS718 Sublinear Algorithms for Processing Massive Data Sets
124 CS719 Data Streaming Algorithms and Systems
125 CS720 VLSI Testing and Fault-Tolerance
126 CS724 Sensing, Communications and Networking for Smart Wireless Devices
127 CS725 Topics in Networking
128 CS726 Topics in Multimedia
129 CS727 Topics in Internet Technologies
130 CS728 Topics in Grid Computing
131 CS730 Topics in Operating Systems
132 CS731 Blockchain Technology and Application
133 CS738 Advanced Compiler Optimizations
134 CS740 Topics in Logic and Computation
135 CS741 Structural Complexity
136 CS742 Parallel Algorithms II:Parallel Complexity and Sub-Logarithmic Time Algorithms
137 CS743 Advanced Graph Algorithms
138 CS744 Pseudo-Random Generators
139 CS745 Small Space Bounded Computations
140 CS746 Riemann Hypothesis and Its Applications
141 CS747 Randomized Methods in Computational Complexity
142 CS748 Arithmetic Circuit Complexity
143 CS749 Elliptic Curves and Their Applications
144 CS750 Programs, Proofs and Types
145 CS755 Topics in Software Engineering
146 CS771 Introduction to Machine Learning
147 CS772 Probabilistic Machine Learning
148 CS773 Online Learning and Optimization
149 CS774 Optimization Techniques
150 CS775 Topics in Probabilistic Modelling and Inference
151 CS776 Deep Learning for Computer Vision
152 CS777 Topics in Learning Theory
153 CS779 Statistical Natural Language Processing
154 CS781 Cognition: Memory
155 CS782 Cognitive Semantics
156 CS783 Visual Recognition
157 CS784 Language Acquisition
158 CS785 Multiagent Systems: Games, Algorithms, Evolution
159 CS786 Computational Cognitive Science
160 CS789 Special Topics in Language Acquisition and Origins
161 CS797 PhD Independent Study
162 CS798A Design for Security
163 CS798C Post Quantum Security
164 CS798D Algorithms for Bayesian Networks and Causality
165 CS799 PhD Thesis
166 CS899 M.S. Thesis
167 ESC101 Fundamentals of Computing
168 ESC101/2 Fundamentals of Computing - I/II
169 ESC101/2 T Fundamentals of Computing - I/II (Tutorial)
170 ESC102 Fundamentals of Computing
171 ESO207 Data Structures and Algorithms
172 ThesisSem Thesis Seminar


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