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Faculty Members at CSE Department, IIT Kanpur

Ajai Jain


+91 (512) 259/333/679-7642

Fault-tolerance in VLSI, Parallel Processing, Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing, Discovery, Learning, Cognitive Science, VLSI Design and VLSI Testing

Amey Karkare

Associate Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-7520

Compilers, Functional Programming, Program Analysis & Code Optimization, Programming Languages and Education

Anil Seth


+91 (512) 259/333/679-7231


Arnab Bhattacharya

Associate Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-7650

Databases, Data Mining, Sensor Networks, Bioinformatics, Data Streaming, Security, Discovery, Learning and Cognitive Science

Biswabandan Panda

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-6896

Computer Architecture and Security aspects in Computer Architecture

Debadatta Mishra

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-2004

Operating Systems, Virtualization and Cloud Computing and Computer Networks

Dheeraj Sanghi


+91 (512) 259/333/679-7077

Computer Networks, Protocols, IPv6, Telecom Regulation, Mobile/Wireless and Security

Hamim Zafar

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-2054

Computational Biology, Machine Learning and Bioinformatics

Indranil Saha

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Paramjit Kaur Faculty Fellow

+91 (512) 259/333/679-6343

Application of formal methods to embedded and cyberphysical systems and Robotics

Mainak Chaudhuri


+91 (512) 259/333/679-7890

Computer Hardware and Architecture

Manindra Agrawal


+91 (512) 259/333/679-7338

Computational Complexity Theory, Security, Theoretical Computer Science and Algorithms

Nisheeth Srivastava

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-7916

Human Factors in Computing, Computational Cognitive Science and Computational Social Science

Nitin Saxena


+91 (512) 259/333/679-7588

Computational Complexity Theory, Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Theoretical Computer Science and Algorithms

Phalguni Gupta


+91 (512) 259/333/679-7647

[On Deputation: Director, NITTR Kolkata]

Sequential and Parallel Algorithms, Image Processing, Algorithms, Biometrics and Vision

Piyush Rai

Assistant Professor

Dr. Deep Singh and Daljeet Kaur Faculty Fellow-III

+91 (512) 259/333/679-6894

Machine Learning and Bayesian Statistics

Pramod Subramanyan

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-2025

Formal Methods, Systems Security, Design Automation and Computer Architecture

Preeti Malakar

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-2024

High Performance Computing, Scalable Parallel Communication and Workflow Optimization

Purushottam Kar

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-6370

Optimization, Statistical Learning Theory and Machine Learning

Raghunath Tewari

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-7174

Computational Complexity Theory, Graph Theory, Theoretical Computer Science and Computational Geometry

Rajat Mittal

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-6210

Computational Complexity and Quantum Computing and Semidefinite Programming

Rajat Moona

[On Deputation: Director, IIT Bhilai]

Computer Hardware and Architecture, VLSI Design, , Embedded Computing, VLSI Testing and Operating Systems

Ratan K Ghosh


+91 (512) 259/333/679-7645

Parallel Algorithms, Parallel Processing, Mobile/Wireless, Computer Networks, Algorithms, Graph Theory

Sandeep Kumar Shukla


Poonam and Prabhu Goel Chair Professor and Dr. Deep Singh and Daljeet Kaur Faculty Fellow-I

+91 (512) 259/333/679-6342

Application of formal methods to embedded and cyberphysical systems and Embedded Computing

Sanjeev Saxena


+91 (512) 259/333/679-7611

Parallel Processing, VLSI, Data Structures, Algorithms, Heuristics, Graph Theory and Computational Geometry

Satyadev Nandakumar

Associate Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-7619

Theoretical Computer Science, Algorithmic Information Theory and Computible Analysis

Shashank K. Mehta


+91 (512) 259/333/679-7829

Computational Geometry, Algorithms, Graph Theory, Approximation Algorithms

Subhajit Roy

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-7585

Compilers, Program Analysis & Code Optimization and Programming Languages

Sumit Ganguly


+91 (512) 259/333/679-7597

Databases, Data Streaming and Algorithms

Sunil Simon

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-6212

Game Theory, Distributed Systems and Temporal Logics and Verification

Surender Baswana


+91 (512) 259/333/679-6074

Graph Algorithms, Dynamic Algorithms and Randomized Algorithms and Algorithms

Swaprava Nath

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-2003

Artificial Intelligence, Multi Agent Systems, Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Computational Social Choice and Crowdsourcing

Swarnendu Biswas

Assistant Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-2055

Programming Languages, Compilers, Program Analysis, Software systems and High Performance Computing

T. V. Prabhakar


+91 (512) 259/333/679-7618

Software Architecture, Knowledge Engineering, Software Engineering, Internet and Web Technologies, Education

Vinay P. Namboodiri

Associate Professor

+91 (512) 259/333/679-6214

Computer Vision and Machine Learning, Computer Graphics and Machine Learning

Adjunct Faculty

Former Faculty

Past INSPIRE Faculty

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