Doing a PhD in Computer Science

PhD is the highest degree offered anywhere in the world (barring the highly uncommon DSc). Its focus, unlike regular degrees, is not learning existing knowledge but creating new knowledge. No wonder, PhD is desired by anyone wishing to 'make a mark' - the brightest seek it as it allows challenges that no other degree does; the innovative desire it as it allows the possibility to innovate and create new knowledge and technologies; the ambitious seek it as it is the top of the academic ladder; and the persistent seek it as this is the one degree where persistence and self discipline are brought to full use.

Despite the romance of doing a PhD, there seems to be some 'fear' frequently in the youth about pursuing a PhD - prospective students are sometimes scared because they think it is "too difficult and they will not be able to do it", or because "it takes too much time", or perhaps just because "PhD means that you have to be a teacher and I don't want to be a teacher". All of these reasons/fears are actually false.

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Why a PhD at IIT Kanpur?

If you think doing a PhD is worthwhile, then read on. The Department of CSE at IIT Kanpur offers one of the best destinations in India. First and foremost, it is one of the oldest and recognized center for computing related work in India. It has a young and vibrant faculty, many of whom are recognized across the world for their stature. A good example is Prof. Manindra Agrawal, whose work `Primes is in P' shook the world sometime back and which was reported in many major newspapers across the world. Consider some of the other positives: