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Head of the Department

Sandeep Shukla

Department Post-Graduate Committee

Sumit Ganguly (Convener, Counselling advisor)
Sandeep Shukla (Head, CSE)
Mainak Chaudhuri
Surender Baswana
Shashank Mehta (Ex-DPGC Convener)

  • Liason with the Institue regarding the PG program.
  • Welfare of PG students of CSE, including monitoring and advising weaker students.
  • Scheduling of PG activities.
  • Initiatives to improve the PG program.
  • New programs,e.g. integrated M.Tech., M.S. by research.

Department Under-Graduate Committee

Anil Seth (Convener, Counselling advisor)
Nitin Saxena (Ex-DUGC Convener)
Sandeep Shukla (Head, CSE)
Sumit Ganguly (DPGC Convener, Counselling advisor)
Rajat Mittal (Counselling advisor)
Subhajit Roy (Placement Incharge)

  • Liason with the Institute regarding the UG program.
  • Welfare of UG students of CSE, including monitoring and advising weaker students.
  • Scheduling of UG activities.
  • BTP grading.
  • Intiatives to improve the UG program.

Department Library Committee

Biswabandan Panda (Incharge)

  • Liason with Central Library and SLC representative.
  • Look after the functioning of the department Library.
  • Procurement of electronic as well as regular books.

CSE Lab Committee

Debadatta Mishra (Lab Incharge)
Mainak Chaudhuri (ex Lab Incharge)
Sandeep Shukla (Head, CSE)
Piyush Rai (Web Incharge)
Swaprava Nath (Web Incharge)
Sumit Ganguly (ex Head)
Brajesh Kumar Mishra

  • Smooth functioning of the lab.
  • Planning for Lab's future. Prepare a piority list for procurement and upgradation for the year.
  • Purchase of all equipment that goes in lab.
  • Coordinate with Computer Centre
  • Lab incharge is CCCC representative

CSE Admission Committee

Biswabandan Panda (Admissions Incharge-1)
Debadatta Mishra (Admissions Incharge-2)
Anil Seth (ex Admission Incharge)
Nitin Saxena
Rajat Mittal
Satyadev Nandakumar
Purushottam Kar
Piyush Rai
Indranil Saha
Pramod Subramanyan
Preeti Malakar
Swarnendu Biswas
Sumit Ganguly (ex Head)
Sandeep Shukla (Head, CSE)

  • Executing the admission process.
  • Intiatives for improving quality of intake.


Nagendra Yadav


R K Ghosh
T. V. Prabhakar
Sanjeev Saxena
Ajai Jain
Sandeep Shukla (Head of the Department)

Faculty Recruitment and Review Committee

Same as DFAC

  • Execute the process of faculty recuirment, including advertising (electronic or otherwise), corresponding with candidates, shortlisting, calling for interviews, preparing for DFAC/IFAC, etc.
  • Guidelines for feedback to faculty.
  • Intiatives to draw better candidates to IITK.

Finance Committee

Sandeep Shukla (Head, CSE)
Sumit Ganguly (ex Head)
Manindra Agrawal
Shashank Mehta

  • Prepare a budget for the Department Promotion Account.
  • Keep track of credit (and debit) in CSE's accounts (DPA, MHRD funds,Endowents, etc.)
  • Preparing a statement of all expenditure and income of the department, say every semester, and presenting them to the faculty.
  • Intiatives for raising funds.

Seminar Incharge
  • Plan seminars - Identify speakers,domestic, international, and internal.
  • Initiatives to intnvigorate seminar series.
  • Making arrangements for the seminar, speaker.

Timetable Incharge

Sandeep Shukla (Head of the Department)

  • Prepare timetable and guidelines for timetabling.
  • Prepare department calendar for each semester.

Department Placement In-Charge and Representative

Subhajit Roy
Aviraj Mishra (Student Representative from CSE to SPO)

  • Liasion with Students' Placement Office.
  • Any department level placement activities.

Counselling Advisor

Shashank Mehta Nitin Saxena

  • Liason with Institute Counselling Service.
  • Counsel students as per Institute norms and procedures.

ACA Advisor

Rajat Mittal

  • Counsel students on ACA related matters

Space Allocation and Management

Sandeep Shukla (Head, CSE)
Surender Baswana (Builinding Maintenances In-charge)
Manindra Agrawal

  • Allocate space to various users in the department
  • Plan for future space requirements of the department

CCCC Representative

Same as Lab incharge

  • Coordinate with CC regarding Networking
  • Provide user feedback to CC

Student Ethics Committee

Dheeraj Sanghi (Convener)
Sandeep Shukla (Head, CSE)
Subhajit Roy (Placement Incharge)
Sumit Ganguly (DPGC Convener)
Anil Seth (DUGC Convener)


Piyush Rai
Swaprava Nath
Sandeep Shukla (Head, CSE)
Akash Misra
Nagendra Yadav

  • Decisions on Website Design, Contents
  • Maintaining the department website.
  • Ensuring that for all BTP and theses, a copy is uploaded on the website


Sandeep Shukla (Head, CSE)
Piyush Rai (Web Incharge)
Swaprava Nath (Web Incharge)
Debadatta Mishra (Lab Incharge)
Akash Misra
Nagendra Yadav

  • Decisions on Kendra Design, Contents
  • Maintaining the Kendra website.