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Prospective Faculty

Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT Kanpur, is looking for bright and dynamic faculty in all areas of computer science, including computer networks, databases, new areas of algorithms, theoretical computer science, distributed systems, internet technologies, and software engineering.

Faculty members in the department enjoy a very friendly and flexible work environment. Some of the attractions of a faculty position are:

  • Inititation Grant: The department provides a minimum initiation grant of Rs. 3 lakhs to new faculty members. In addition to this, the institute provides an inititation grant of at least Rs. 2 lakhs. The grant from the institute can be as high as Rs. 10 lakhs, depending on a proposal.

  • Departmental Research Grants: There are also regular research grants available from the department, open to all faculty in the department. These grants are awarded based on a written proposal. They can provide an additional salary of up to Rs. 1 lakh per year, as well as money for travel, inviting researchers, etc.

  • Young Faculty Chair: This position is available for young faculty (up to the age of 35 years) who excel in research. The chair position is for a duration of up to 3 years. It includes Rs. 1.2 lakhs additional salary as well as Rs. 3 lakhs research grant per year.

  • International Conference Travel Support:

    • The department provides support for international travel to present a paper in one conference every year.

    • This is in addition to the one international travel support every three years from the institute.

    • Further, the department also supports unlimited travel to a select set of top conferences if there is an accepted paper

    • In addition, travel support is available from other sources like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Government funding agencies etc.

  • National Conference Travel Support: Support for attending about two to three conferences every year within India is available from the department funds.

  • Inviting researchers from around the world: You can invite world class researchers from anywhere with international airfare and other expenses paid through the N Rama Rao Chair, the Poonam and Prabhu Goel Chair, and the Research I Foundation.

  • Visiting other research groups in the world: If you have collaborative research work going on with a group outside India, you can interact with them during the summer breaks. You can either visit them, or invite them to IIT Kanpur. Your/your visitor's travel and stay are supported by the Research I Foundation. This facility is also available to your PhD students.

Teaching and Work Environment
  • Low teaching load: Each faculty is expected to teach at most 2.5 courses per year, that is an average of 4 contact hours per week. Normally one teaches one compulsory course, and one elective course. Besides, one takes either a tutorial in either semester, or offer a joint course with another faculty member.

  • Excellent working environment: The department has a brand new, centrally air-conditioned building. There is ample space for research groups, MTech and PhD students, etc., in the building. The institute subscribes to most of the digital libraries and access to these is available from the desktop in your office.

  • Excellent CEP/Consulting Opportunities: The department and the institute have enough infrastructure that can be used to offer courses to industry. In addition, excellent consulting opportunities exist for faculty. IIT Kanpur has arguably the most flexible norms for consultancy.

  • Attractive Pay Package: IIT pay packages are better than other colleges/institutes in India. IIT Kanpur normally gives additional increments to deserving candidates. All the perks given to central government employee are also given (e.g., PF, LTC, Medical, etc.). Relocation expenses are also covered by the institute subject to some limits.

  • Flexible Leave rules: IIT Kanpur has one of the most flexible leave rules. A faculty member can get two months of vacation every year, sabbatical every six years, and short-term and long-term leave to temporarily work at other places. Short-term leave is for 1 semester, and can be availed after every two semesters. Long-term leave is for upto two years, and can be availed after every five years.

  • On-campus living:

    • All faculty members get spacious housing on the campus, which provides pollution-free and safe environment for family with 24-hour power (very rare power outages on campus) and water supply.

    • Every house has an internal telephone connection with ADSL connectivity to the Internet.

    • We have a self-contained campus with a shopping center, hospital, schools, library, restaurant, swimming pool, etc.

    • We also have an active faculty club and women's association.

If you are interested in applying for the position, please send email to head AT [cse.iitk.ac.in] Head, CSE. We will be glad to invite you to visit our deparment, and organise a seminar. We will cover travel and related expenses for travelling within India.

Permanent appointments are made two to three times in a year, through a selection committee. But visiting appointments can be made any time during the year. Visiting faculty can apply for permanent position whenever the next formal selections take place.