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Master of Technology (MTech) Program

MTech degree program exposes students to a wide range of courses, combined with specialized research which culminates in a thesis. Such a combination gives students the breadth and depth necessary for pursuing careers in academics as well as in industry.

Duration of the Program

The residence requirements for MTech program is four semesters. However, it is possible to get permission to spend one semester elsewhere. If someone wants to carry out the thesis work in a company, or at some other educational institution, it is allowed by the Institute subject to the rules applicable to postgraduate students. For example, we participate in an exchange program with a few German Universities in which the students can spend a semester in Germany. The maximum time to complete all the requirements of the MTech program is four years. We also have a part-time MTech program for working professionals. These students will register for six semesters. It is possible to convert one's status from full-time to part-time and vice-versa. The full details of the rules applicable for working outside the institute or part-time MTech programme are given in PG manual which can be found here.

Course Requirement

An MTech student in Computer Science and Engineering department is required to do 144 credits of course work and thesis. The minimum course requirement is 63 credits. In addition, the student much complete a minimum of 72 credits of thesis work. Remaining 9 credits may be covered by any mix of courses and thesis.


A typical load per semester is 36 credits, but a student may be allowed to register for 27 credits if he/she wishes to go underload. A student can register for 9 or 18 credits of thesis in a summer session.


Of the courses, at least seven courses must be CSE postgraduate or equivalent courses. Out of seven courses, a student should must register for atleast one course from theory, systems, and data science basket.


The equivalent courses can be done only on the advise of the supervisor as explained below.  If the supervisor recommends that his/her student should do one or more PG courses from other department(s) and if DPGC determines that the said course(s) can be considered computer science course(s), then such courses will be referred as CS equivalent courses. A written request must be submitted to DPGC for registration in such courses and the student must receive a written permission to register in such course(s).

Academic Session

The academic year normally begins in the fourth week of July. The academic year consists of three terms, two semesters and a summer term: First Semester from July last week to November last week, Second Semester from December last week to April last week, Summer Term: from mid May to mid July.

Financial Assistance

Non-sponsored candidates admitted to the regular full-time MTech Program who are Indian Nationals are eligible for financial assistance as follows:

  1. TA/RA ship: Candidates admitted to the MTech program after qualifying GATE will be offered the Teaching Assistantship (TA) or Research Assistantship provided they have secured at least 60 percent marks (55 percent for SC/ST candidates) in their qualifying degree examination. A teaching assistant can be asked to conduct labs, help an instructor in grading, and other course-related tasks. In some cases, TA can also be asked to teach tutorial sessions to the first year BTech students. A research assistant can be asked to support the department in various academic activities. It could be providing help in maintaining and upgrading department labs, downloading, installing software, etc. An RA can also be assigned to faculty members to help them in their research effort. Currently the assistantship amount is Rs. 12,400/- per month. It also gives 50% waiver in tuition fee.
  2. Project Assistantship: Several faculty members are working on sponsored projects, supported by government funding agencies such as MHRD, DIT, DST, AICTE, etc. Some projects are also funded by Industry. An MTech student can be hired as a project employee to carry out research.  The assistantship amount in such cases can be provided. No student can draw more than one scholarship/assistance at a time.
Further Details

All postgraduate programmes in the institute are subject to the provisions of PG manual.  It describes the rules regarding all aspect of the postgraduate programmes. In some cases there might be additional restrictions imposed by individual departments.


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