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CS 202: Mathematics for Computer Science - II

Units: 3-0-0-9 (modular second half)
Pre-requisites: None
Course Contents:
  1. Propositional logic syntax and semantics.
  2. Tautologies, axiom system and deduction.
  3. Proof of soundness and completeness.
  4. First order logic syntax and semantics.
  5. Structures, models, satisfaction and validity.
  6. Axiomatization, soundness and completeness.
  7. Optional: some advanced topics.
Books and References:
  1. HD Ebbinghaus, J Flum, W Thomas, Mathematical Logic, 2nd Ed., Springer Verlag, 1994.
  2. HB Enderton, A Mathematical Introduction to Logic, 2nd Ed., Academic Press, 2001.
  3. RM Smullyan, First Order Logic, Dover Press, 1995.