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Anti-Cheating Policy

The CSE  Department, IIT  Kanpur is  committed  to stop the use of  unfair means  in
academic activities.  The following  policy outlines measures  to deal
with cases of cheating/dishonesty in academics (course work, research work).
This  document defines the departmental policy to address such events. 
However, an instructor can always decide on a stricter punishment.

Use of unfair means in course-work:

  1. If a student cheats or uses unfair means in a course,
    1. The student will get an F in the course.
    2. The student will not be allowed to drop the course.
    3. The name of the student will be made public to the students of the course.
    4. A complaint will be sent to SSAC for disciplinary action.
    5. An intimation will be sent to DoAA to be kept in the student's record.
    6. The matter will be referred to the departmental ethics committee.
  2.   A repeat offender, even if not caught earlier, will be given stricter punishment. 
    1. All applicable actions of  the previous point will be taken. 
    2. The information will be shared with everyone in the department.
    3. The department will recommend termination.

Use of unfair means in research-work:
For research  work submitted  as  a member  of CSE  department, plagiarism and fake  data will be considered a  very serious case of dishonesty.

  1. Plagiarism:
    1. Near-verbatim copying from any source (Internet, books, articles, etc.).
    2. Rephrasing from another source (including one's own published work) without adequate citations.
  2. For more details see https://www.acm.org/publications/policies/plagiarism_policy.
  3. Fake-data: Use of fake-data in any research work is considered a serious offense.

If anyone is found guilty, even after completion of their degree, necessary actions will be taken by the department and the institute.


Actions taken by the department:

  1. The department ethics committee will investigate all matters of academic dishonesty and recommend appropriate actions to the concerned institute authorities.
  2. The department  will maintain a list of all offenders which will be shared with all faculty members.
  3. No recommendations/awards will be given to the offenders.