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Dual Degree (BTech-MTech) Program

A student pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering has an option to convert to this program after his 5th, 6th or 7th semester. This is five years program which awards both Bachelor and Master degree at the end of five years. This program is the same as the BTech program for the first three years. In order to apply to this program, a student must have a minimum CPI of 6.0.

More details on eligibility and application process may be found in UG manual (section 10).



The proposed program allows students to explore higher studies in Computer Science and Engineering. Students with a dual degree often secure better placement than students with just BTech.



The curriculum for the dual-degree program is roughly the same as the combined requirements of the BTech and MTech curriculum. The PG part of the program starts at the 7th semester. Since there is a reduction of six months in the time, a small amount of waiver from the B.Tech. requirements is given.


Financial Assistantships

A student should be considered equivalent to an MTech student once s/he starts working on the thesis (registered for thesis units). At this time, the student shall be given TAship. All existing rules governing TAship will be applicable to these students as well.


Detailed Curriculum


Semester I to VI

Identical to the existing BTech program.


Semester VII


Semester VIII


Summer after Semester VIII


Semester IX


Semester X


Template at Glance
  1. Earlier than Y18 [ COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING template ]
  2. Y18 to Y21 [ COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING template ]
  3. Y22 or later [ COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING template ] "Tentative course templates subject to Senate approval."


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