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CS 728: Topics in Grid Computing

CS 728: Topics in Grid Computing

Course Contents:

Overview. Focuses on grid computing as emerging new computing paradigm for solving complex collaborative problems that require massive resources and infinite CPU cycle. The topics included: Definition of Grid; Basic Building Blocks; Issues in Management of Grid Models; Evolution of Grid Models.

Architecture. Deals with grid architecture providing an anatomical look into fundamental system components and their functionalities as well as interactions. Topics: Requirements concerning abstractions, behaviours, resources, connectivity, and protocols; Open grid service architectures.

Environment. Talks about grid computing environments. Topics: Overview of GCE; Programming models; Middleware for building grid computing environments; Language support (MPI-G, MPI-G2, etc) for grid computing; Meta models for grid programming; Security.

Applications. Deals with case studies, how the global computing infrastructure has become a reality for collaborative complex data intensive computing aid for federated database services, web services, bioinformatics. It will also include among others some selection of topics from Seti project, Sun grid engine, Skyserver and some national grid projects.

Monitoring and evaluation. It will include following: Monitoring; Scheduling; Performance tuning; Debugging and performance diagnostic issues;