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CS 252: Computing Laboratory - II

Units: 0-0-3-3
Pre-requisites: ESC101, CS251
Course Contents:
  1. System administration: Students will learn to setup and manage a network server including a web server and an email server. They should also be familiar with various network protocols. Further, students will be able to administer different components of the system by using various monitoring tools. They should also learn simple load-balancing tools.
  2. Security: While setting up different network and database servers, students will learn to manage the security issues including different attacks. Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a good example of how to setup, manage, and distribute certicates that are issued as authorization tools. As part of maintaining sys- tems, students will need to use system vulnerability and intrusion testing tools as well.
  3. Compiler tools: Students will need to learn the various low-level tools used routinely in compilers including lex and yacc.
  4. Programming environment tools: For efcient programming, students are expected to use various integrated development environments (IDEs) such as eclipse and debuggers such as gdb. They should also use tools for effective tagging and browsing of source code. Finally, they will learn to use the build tools that are necessary for large software projects.
Books and References:
  1. Manuals.
  2. On-line help that is available for different tools.