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CS 634: Mobile Computing

CS 634: Mobile Computing

Course Contents:

Introduction: Challenges in mobile computing, coping with uncertainities, resource poorness, banwidth, etc. Cellular architecture, co-channel interference, frequency reuse, capacity increase by cell splitting. Evolution of mobile system: CDMA, FDMA, TDMA, GSM.

Mobility Management: Cellular architecture, Co-channel interference, Mobility: handoff, types of handoffs; location management, HLR-VLR scheme, hierarchical scheme, predictive location management schemes. Mobile IP, cellular IP.

Publishing & Accessing Data in Air: Pull and push based data delivery models, data dissemination by broadcast, broadcast disks, directory service in air, energy efficient indexing scheme for push based data delivery.

File System Support for Mobility: Distributed file sharing for mobility support, Coda and other storage manager for mobility support

Ad hoc Network Routing Protocols: Ad hoc network routing protocols, destination sequenced distance vector algorithm, cluster based gateway switch routing, global state routing, fish-eye state routing, dynamic source routing, ad hoc on-demand routing, location aided routing, zonal routing algorithm.

Mobile Transaction and Commerce: Models for mobile transaction. Kangaroo and joey transactions, team transaction. Recovery model for mobile transactions. Electronic payment and protocols for mobile commerce.

Books and References: