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Machine Learning Techniques

CS771: Machine Learning Techniques

Pre-requisites: MSO201A/equivalent, CS210/ESO211/ESO207A. Desirable: Familiarity with programming in MATLAB/Octave, Python, or R

About the course: Machine Learning is the discipline of designing algorithms that allow machines (e.g., a computer) to learn patterns and concepts from data without being explicitly programmed. This course will be an introduction to the design (and some analysis) of Machine Learning algorithms, with a modern outlook focusing on recent advances, and examples of real-world applications of Machine Learning algorithms. A tentative list of topics includes:

Reference materials: There will not be any dedicated textbook for this course. In lieu of that, we will have lecture slides/notes, and monographs, tutorials, and research papers for the topics that will be covered in this course. Some recommended (although not required) books are: