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CS 725: Topics in Networking

CS 725: Topics in Networking

Course Contents:

Recent developments in various fields in networking, including but not limited to, routing, flow control, performance evaluation, transport protocols, application protocols, real-time protocols, and network architectures.

Emerging technologies such as, ATM, SMDS, Frame-relay, SONET, ISDN. Issues in Gigabit networking.

Network related issues in development of multi-media applications.

Books and References:

Requests for Comments (RFCs), Information Sciences Institute, USC, CA.

Internet Drafts, published by Internet Engineering Task Force.

Proceedings of:

 ACM SIGCOMM Conference   IEEE Infocom   ACM Multimedia Conference


 IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications   IEEE Transactions on Communication   ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking

Other journals and books may be prescribed by the instructor.