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Research Milestones

Researchers at the CSE department have achieved many milestones. Their research and initiatives have opened up new horizons.

Interdisciplinary Center for Cyber Security and Cyber Defence

DST has sanctioned 14.43 crores (~2.2 millions USD) for the Interdisciplinary Center for Cyber Security and Cyber Defense of Critical Infrastructure. Prof. Sandeep Shukla and Prof. Manindra Agrawal will lead the group. This is the first center, set up in India, to pursue cyber security of critical infrastructure.

JEE Seat Allocation : An Algorithmic Perspective

Prof. Surender Baswana proposed an algorithmic perspective for JEE seat allocation for CFTIs. This approach ensures each candidate submits a single choice list over all available programs, and receives no more than a single seat from the system, based on the choices and the ranks in the relevant merit lists.

Primality Testing in Polynomial Time

One of the major problems in computational number theory was solved by Prof. Manindra Agrawal, Prof. Nitin Saxena. The problem was whether a number could be tested for primality in polynomial time.

Identity Testing, Dependence Testing, Root Finding

One of the major problems in algebraic complexity is that of polynomial identity testing. A large number of special cases have been solved jointly by the research group of Prof. Nitin Saxena. The quest for a general solution is still on. The group also has famous complexity results in the related questions of algebraic dependence testing and finding roots of polynomials.

Development of National Air Quality Index (NAQI) for Indian Cities

The National Air Quality Index (NAQI) translates individual air pollutant concentrations into a single number that reflects the status of air quality in simple terms. The scientific basis of developing AQI is the attainment of air quality standards and pollutant dose-response relationships. This was developed by Prof. Arnab Bhattacharya.

MOOC and Agropedia Software Models

MOOCs provide affordable and flexible way to learn new skills, pursue lifelong interests and deliver quality educational experiences at scale. Agropedia, a software as a service model, can be used to rapidly build agriculture portals for different communities.

Prutor : a Cloud based Web Application

Prutor is a cloud-based web application that provides instant and useful feedback to students while solving programming problems. Prutor provides a view of the students' approach to solving programming problems, regardless of programming environments.

Smart Card Technology Development

A standard for smart card operating system has been developed which is used by the government of India for all their smart card based applications. A smart card operating system has also been implemented which is compliant to this standard. This technology is in the process of being commercialized.

Language Technology

Some path breaking contributions have been made in Indian language coding (ISCII), keyboard design, transliteration, OCR machine translation, Linux ware, NLP, Indian scripts on Linux, Web content creation and search. Some of our landmark achievement is: GIST multilingual technology, AGLABHARTI & ANUBHARTI MACHINE aided translation strategies and popular web sites such as Gita-supersite.

Multipurpose Multimodal Human Identification System

The primary aim is to design a robust system which is capable of handling problems like security, personal, verification/identification etc. The various traits that are considered are Face, Iris, Signature, Fingerprints and Ear.

Medical Application

The medical applications group supported by media lab Asia developed a portable mobile model of printing healthcare delivery which uses ICT and digital devices to contact remotely located individuals requiring medical attention with doctors. The 'Sehat Saathi' software was one of the software for telemedicine.