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CS 726: Topics in Multimedia

CS 726: Topics in Multimedia

Course Contents:

Multimedia systems - requirements, technology.

Coding and compression standards - JPEG, MPEG, etc.

Architecture issues in multimedia. Desk area networks.

Operating Systems Issues in multimedia - real-time OS issues, synchronization, interrupt handling, etc.

Database issuses in multimedia - indexing and storing multimedia data, disk placement, disk scheduling, searching for a multimedia document.

Networkng issues in multimedia - Quality-of-service guarantees, resource reservation, traffic specification, shaping, and monitoring, admission control, etc. Multicasting issues.

Session directories. Protocols for controlling sessions.

Security issues in multimedia - digital watermarking, partial encryption schemes for video streams.

Multimedia applications - audio and video conferencing, video on demand, voice over IP, etc.

Latest developments in the field of multimedia.

Books and References:


 Multimedia Systems (ACM Press)

Proceedings of:

 ACM SIGMM conference.