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Minor Courses (Systems)

SNo Code Course Name
1 CS220 Computer Organisation
2 CS315 Principles of Database Systems
3 CS330 Operating Systems
4 CS335 Compiler Design
5 CS350 Principles of Programming Languages
6 CS422 Computer Architecture
7 CS425 Computer Networks
8 CS433 Parallel Programming
9 CS455 Software Engineering
10 CS610 Programming for Performance
11 CS614 Linux Kernel Programming
12 CS615 Skyline Queries in Database
13 CS617 Database Queries
14 CS618 Indexing and Searching Techniques in Databases
15 CS619 Advances in DBMS
16 CS621 Topics in Contemporary Microarchitecture
17 CS622 Advanced Computer Architecture
18 CS623 VLSI Design for Parallel Architectures
19 CS624 Topics in Embedded Systems
20 CS625 Advanced Computer Networks
21 CS626 Fault Tolerant Computing Systems
22 CS627 E-commerce
23 CS628 Computer Systems Security
24 CS629 Parallel Execution of Programs
25 CS630 Advanced Operating Systems For Embedded Systems, Pervasive Computing and Internet Of Things [Details]
26 CS631 Cyber security of critical infrastructure
27 CS632 Topics in Distributed Systems
28 CS633 Parallel Computing
29 CS634 Mobile Computing
30 CS636 Analysis of Concurrent Programs
31 CS637 Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems
32 CS638 Formal Methods in Robotics and Automation
33 CS639 Program Analysis, Verification and Testing
34 CS652 Computer Aided Verification
35 CS653 Functional Programming
36 CS654 Software Architecture
37 CS659 Autonomous Cyber-physical Systems
38 CS665 Secure Memory Systems
39 CS720 VLSI Testing and Fault-Tolerance
40 CS725 Topics in Networking
41 CS726 Topics in Multimedia
42 CS727 Topics in Internet Technologies
43 CS728 Topics in Grid Computing
44 CS730 Topics in Operating Systems
45 CS731 Blockchain Technology and Application
46 CS738 Advanced Compiler Optimizations
47 CS755 Topics in Software Engineering


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