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All occupants of N Rama Rao Chair

  1. Prof. Manindra Agrawal (Jan 2003 onwards)
    Computer Science Department
    Indian Institute of Technology
    Kanpur, India

  2. Prof. Vijay Garg (July - December, 2002)
    ECE Department
    University of Texas
    Austin, TX, USA
    Research Activities During the Stay

  3. Prof. Jean-Claude Latombe (Aug, 2001)
    Computer Science Department
    Stanford University
    CA, USA

  4. Prof. Fredric Cazals (Feb-Mar, 2001)
    INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
    Activities during his visit

  5. Prof. Keshav Pingali (Jan, 2001)
    Computer Science Department
    Cornell University
    Ithaca, NY

  6. Prof. Arvind (Jan, 1999, and Aug, 1999)
    Laboratory for Computer Science
    Activities during his tenure
    Letter from him to the Donor

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