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N Rama Rao Distinguished Lectures Series

N. Rama Rao Chair supports a Distinguished Lectures Series in Computer Science and Engineering Department at IIT Kanpur by eminent Computer Scientists from all over the world.

Schedule for 2005-06 II Semester (Jan-April, 2006)
Schedule for 2005-06 I Semenster (Aug-Nov , 2005)
Schedule for 2004-05-I Semester (Aug-Nov, 2004)
Schedule for 2003-04-II Semester (Jan-Apr, 2004)
Schedule for 2003-04-I Semester (Aug-Nov, 2003)
Schedule for 2002-03-II Semester (Jan-Apr, 2003)
Schedule for 2002-03-I Semester (Aug-Nov, 2002)
Schedule for 2001-02-I Semester (Aug-Nov, 2001)
2000-2001-II Semester (Jan-April, 2001)
2000-2001-I Semester (Aug-Nov, 2000)
1999-2000-II Semester (Jan-Apr, 2000)
1999-2000-I Semester (Aug-Nov, 1999)
1998-99-II Semester (Jan-Apr, 1999)
  • Prof. Satish Tripathi (Mar 30, 1999)
    Dean, Bourns College of Engineering, Univ of California, Riverside
    Quality of Service Routing: Research Directions

  • Prof. P. S. Thiagarajan (Mar 25, 1999)
    SPIC Mathematical Institute, Chennai
    Timed Automate: Basic theory and some new subclasses

  • Prof. Huzur Saran (Mar 10, 1999)
    Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT Delhi
    Effect of Buffer Policies for Fairness in TCP Flows

  • Prof. S. Sudarshan (Feb 25, 1999)
    Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT Mumbai
    Multi-Query Optimization

  • Prof. R. K. Shyamsundar (Feb 18, 1999)
    School of Technology and Computer Science, TIFR, Mumbai
    Reactive Programming Paradigms and Hardware Modelling

  • Dr. Mathai Joseph (Feb 11, 1999)
    Tata Consultancy Services, Pune
    Timing and Fault-Tolerance in Real-time Systems

  • Prof. Arvind (Jan 07, 1999)
    MIT and N. Rama Rao Professor in Computer Science, IIT Kanpur
    Start Voyager: A Scalable Commodity Supercomputer

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