Research publication in the year 2014-15

  • Deepanjan Kesh and Shashank K. Mehta,

    A Divide and Conquer Method to Compute Binomial Ideals

    , 11th Latin American Theoretical INformatics Symposium (LATIN 2014), Montevideo, Uruguay, 31 March-04 April, 2014.
  • Kamlesh Tiwari and Phalguni Gupta, A Touch-less Fingerphoto Recognition System for Mobile, ICB 2015.
  • Rohit Gurjar, Arpita Korwar, Nitin Saxena and Thomas Thierauf, Deterministic identity testing for sum of read-once oblivious arithmetic branching programs, CCC 2015.
  • Aditya Nigam and Phalguni Gupta, Iris Recognition Using Block Local Binary Patterns and Relational Measures, International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB 2014), Clearwater, Florida, USA, 29 September - 2 October, 2014.
  • Diptarka Chakraborty, A. Pavan, Raghunath Tewari, N.V. Vinodchandran and Lin Yang, New Time-Space Upperbounds for Directed Reachability in High-genus and H-minor-free Graphs, FSTTCS 2014.
  • Pawan Aurora, Sumit Singh and Shashank K. Mehta, Partial Degree Bounded Edge Packing Problem for Graphs and k-Uniform Hypergraphs, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization.
  • Diptarka Chakraborty and Raghunath Tewari, Simultaneous Time-Space Upper Bounds for Red-Blue Path Problem in Planar DAGs, WALCOM 2015.
  • Shubhadip Mitra, Sayan Ranu, Vinay Kolar, Arnab Bhattacharya, Ravi Kokku, Aditya Telang and Sriram Raghavan, Trajectory Aware Macro-cell Planning for Mobile Users, INFOCOM 2015.
  • Deepak Pathak, Sai Nitish Satyavolu and Vinay P. Namboodiri, Where is my Friend? - Person identification in Social Networks, Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG 2015) (Paper).