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Minor Courses (Theory)

SNo Code Course Name
1 CS340 Theory of Computation
2 CS640 Computational Complexity
3 CS641 Modern Cryptology
4 CS642 Circuit Complexity Theory
5 CS643 Abstract State Machines
6 CS644 Finite Automata on Infinite Inputs
7 CS649 Logic in Computer Science
8 CS650 Topics in Lambda Calculus
9 CS680 Category Theory and Applications in Computing
10 CS681 Computational Algebra and Number Theory
11 CS682 Quantum Computing
12 CS687 Algorithmic Information Theory
13 CS688 Computational Arithmetic-Geometry and Applications
14 CS740 Topics in Logic and Computation
15 CS741 Structural Complexity
16 CS744 Pseudo-Random Generators
17 CS745 Small Space Bounded Computations
18 CS746 Riemann Hypothesis and Its Applications
19 CS747 Randomized Methods in Computational Complexity
20 CS748 Arithmetic Circuit Complexity
21 CS749 Elliptic Curves and Their Applications
22 CS750 Programs, Proofs and Types


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