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CS 698T: Introduction to Internet of Things and its Industrial Applications


3-0-0-0 (9)



Knowledge equivalent of CS253 and CS455


Who can take the course

PhD, Masters, 3rd and 4th year UG Students


Departments that may be interested



Course Objective


This course will be focused on introducing students to new trends, applications, system architecture and challenges involved in developing/deploying internet of things systems using real industrial use cases. A number of systems are getting connected to the internet, where the sensor data is analyzed to monitor and control the systems. Correctly analyzing data coming from multiple sensors, choosing the right hardware given the power and performance tradeoff, hardware heterogeneity and security are some of the challenges involved in developing IoT applications. In this course, students will read research papers from top-tier conferences and journals for IoT to learn the most recent advancements in IoT research. The course will cover the real-world use cases of IoT applications and hands-on projects related to those based on the concepts learned in the class.


Course Contents


Here is a broad list of topics to be covered in the course:


SNo Broad Title Topics
1 Overview of IoT systems New trends, applications and challenges
2 IoT system architecture Edge devices, sensors, actuators, gateway, data storage and historical analysis in the cloud
3 Sensor networks Wireless sensor networks (WSN), localization, node mobility, energy efficiency in WSN
4 Communication MQTT, wifi, Bluetooth, RFID, LoRa, LoRaWAN, communication security
5 IoT system optimization Low power devices, energy harvesting, performance trade-off, choosing the right hardware
6 Applications of deep learning in IoT Introduction to deep learning, camera-based IoT applications in healthcare, retail and agriculture
7 Smart and connected devices Raspberry-pi, Google home mini, Alexa, Echo show Industrial use cases: smart home and agriculture
8 Case studies Smart cities, transportation, manufacturing, automobile


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  3. Simone Cirani, Gianluigi Ferrari, Marco Picone, and Luca Veltri, “Internet of Things: Architectures, Protocols and
    Standards” WILEY.


  1. Andrew Minteer, “Analytics for the Internet of Things (IoT): Intelligent analytics for your intelligent devices”.
  2. Research papers from top-tier IoT conferences and journals.