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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) was the first department in India to start Computer Science education. It started in August 1963 with an IBM 1620 system - a novelty then, even in many North American and European universities. The department runs BTech, MTech, MS and PhD programs and is engaged in cutting edge research with sponsored projects and consultancies. Many of the nation's leading experts, educationists and consultants in computer science today are the alumni of this department.

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Events / Seminar Corner

  • Talk on "Mechanism Design over the Blockchain" by Dr. Praphul Chandra, founder of KoineArth on July 05, 2018 (Thursday) at KD-101 3:00 PM. [ABSTRACT]
  • Talk on "Walking the edge between structure and randomness: New constructions for Obfuscation and Functional Encryption" by Prof. Shweta Agrawal (IIT Madras) on May 10, 2018 (Thursday) at KD-101 4:00 PM . [ABSTRACT]
  • Talk on "Gossip and Knowledge" by Hans van Ditmarsch (CNRS & LORIA, Nancy) on May 8, 2018 (Tuesday) at KD-102 04:00 PM. [ABSTRACT]
  • Talk on "Reaching the Unreached and their Empowerment through ICT and other Scalable Methods" by Prof. Kannan Moudgalya (Dept of Chem Engg, IITB) on April 10, 2018 (Tuesday) at RM-301 03:00 PM. [ABSTRACT]
  • Talk on "Design considerations for Embedded/Cyber-physical Systems and overview of The Energy Computer" by Prof. Jayaraj Poroor (Head, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Amrita University Kollam) on April 10, 2018 (Tuesday) at KD-102 12:00 PM. [ABSTRACT]
  • Talk on "The Billion Buildings Challenge" by Nipun Batra on April 9, 2018 (Monday) at KD-101 11:00 AM. [ABSTRACT]
  • An evening with WHITE HAT Hackers on Bounty Hunting. [Click Here for Details]
  • Talk on "Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies & Centriq 2400 Processor" by Niket Choudhary (Qualcomm Architecture Research, Bengaluru) on March 16, 2018 (Friday) at KD-101 10 AM. [ABSTRACT]
  • Talk on "From Vision-Realistic Rendering to Vision Correcting Displays" by Prof. Brian A. Barsky (UC Berkeley) on February 26, 2018 (Monday) at RM-101 4 PM. [ABSTRACT]
  • Talk on "Anomaly Detection with Social Media Data" by Chilukuri K. Mohan (Syracuse University) on February 23, 2018 (Friday) at RM-101 4:00 PM. [ABSTRACT]
  • Talk on "On the power of Conditional Sampling" by Sourav Chakraborty on January 29, 2018 Monday at KD-101 11:00 AM. [ABSTRACT]

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