Arnab Bhattacharya

I love:
  • Reading books: I have now mostly shifted to non-fiction, especially history. Bangla (বাংলা) is still my most read language.
  • Learning languages: This is a recent one. Not much to showcase still, though.
  • Music: I have never liked the recent Bollywood songs (post-2000) or English songs except a handful. My favourite remains Bangla Adhunik and, of course, Rabindrasangeet. I also like to listen to Hindi songs of 60s, 70s and 80s. I am losing touch with classical music though.
  • Parallel cinema: World cinema is so rich that I absolutely refuse to watch Bollywood and Hollywood run-off-the-mill trash.
  • Leg-pulling: Teasing friends is fun, especially when they get angry. According to most of them, this should rank much higher in my list of loved things.
  • Indoor/board games: Ludo, carrom and cards are my favourites.
  • Games and sports: Badminton, etc. Football, however, remains as my best loved sport (I am not fit enough to play it for any meaningful period now, though). I am against cricket, but I dare anyone to challenge me about statistics of Indian batsmen, especially during my beloved Dada's captaincy.
  • Culture: I am pained to see the death of indigenous culture across the world. However, more painful is my contribution in saving it, which is next to zero.
  • Tourism: Nowadays, I am getting less and less chance in visiting interesting places in interesting ways.
  • Drama: Actually, I love performing as much as watching.
  • Computer science: True, and this leads me in touching various fields of it.
  • Sleeping: Sleeping gives me the peace that my mind craves for all the time.

Special mention goes to my son TAPPAI (টপ্পাই) and daughter BRISHTI (বৃষ্টি).

They are much older now than these pictures. Unfortunately, their father is too lazy to post up-to-date pictures. In any case, such pictures are eternal.

I wish I could:
  • Make my country proud: Sorry, I don't believe in global citizenship.
  • Be a clean political leader: It is actually so tough to be honest in personal life that I might as well forget about anything else.
  • Read more books: But then, there is no end to good books, is there?
  • Play more: Again, if only I did not waste so much time on useless things.
  • Spend more time with my children: Needless to elaborate.
  • Visit more places: And not cities, please, but rather some remotely accessible places.
  • Sleep less: Contradiction for a sleep-lover, isn't it? Not really! (I leave finding the rationale to you.)

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