About Me

Computer Science and Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur.

I am an Indian, to be specific a Bangali (yes বাঙালি, and not Bengali as commonly known due to British mis-pronunciation).
My hometown is in Kolkata (কলকাতা) which is the capital of West Bengal (পশ্চিমবঙ্গ), a state in India (ভারতবর্ষ).

I did my early schooling in Kolkata, and I still remember the fun of getting a "rainy day" when it rained heavily.
I passed my board exams from the residential school and college of Ramakrishna Mission in Narendrapur. Hostel life was fine, although it was tough mentally.
Probably the best time of my life was then spent at Jadavpur University where I was without fear, without a care, and without inhibitions.
It was a phase when I started learning what life is about. I still don't know, however, how I completed my Bachelor studies.
A taste of corporate life (not very good, in my opinion) awaited me in Bengaluru after that.
I next moved to Santa Barbara, USA for higher studies where I learnt many things about life and friendship. The friends' circle there still seems too surreal.
And finally, now, I am a faculty member at Kanpur trying to balance work, family and personal life.

Being a faculty member at one of the most prestigious institutes in the country has a lot of priviledges and benefits.
With power, however, comes responsibility. I wish I could do more for my country.

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