Secure Embedded and Smart Things Laboratory(SETTLOR)



Secure Embedded and Smart things Laboratory,
1st Floor, Interdisaplinary Center for Cyber Security and Cyber Defence of Critical Infrastructure,
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur,
UP-208016, India

Research Interests

At Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, under the name of Secure Embedded and Smart Things Laboratory(SETTLOR),we have started working since March 2021 on several aspects of hardware and embedded system security. The major aspects in which we are currently focusing on are as follows:

  • Physical Unclonable Functions based authentication of ‘Smart’ things
  • Machine Learning Attacks on Physical Unclonable Functions
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) security
  • Far Field Side Channel Analysis of Mixed Signal Chips
  • Screen Reading TEMPEST Attacks
  • Acoustic Side Channel Attacks on Embedded Systems
  • Network Data Remanence Based Side Channel Attacks
  • Currently four Ph.D, seven M.Tech and two undergraduate students are working in the laboratory. We also have a Post-Doctoral Researcher working with us who is a Ph.D. from IIT Indore. Our research highly thrives on the inter-disciplinary topics such hardware security, communication protocol design and analysis, basic principles of ‘Smart’ technologies for Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems and machine learning. We not only engage ourselves in experimental works, but also focus on the theoretical validation of the same. The publications related to our focus areas can be found next.


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    1. Dr Urbi Chatterjee
    Institute Post Doctoral Fellow
    1. Mahendra Rathor : 2022-Till Now
    Ph.D. Students
    1. Oswa Amro
    2. Vishesh Mishra
    3. Neelofer Hassan
    4. Sumit Lal
    M.Tech Students(2023)
    1. Anuj Shrivastava
    2. Manthan Kojage
    3. Prujwal Thaka
    4. Mayuresh Shandilya
    5. Deepak Kumar
    6. Akash Panzade
    7. Abhishek Revskar
    M.Tech Students(2022)
    1. Hirak Mondal
    2. Chandan Kumar
    3. Swapnil Gade
    4. Pushpraj Naik