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Sandeep Shukla

Recent News:

IIT Kanpur to Start New Cyber Security Center (August 2015)

Shifting to Embedded Systems for sustainability and developing communities (July 2014)

Sandeep Shukla named IEEE Fellow (Dec. 2013)

Shukla named editor-in-chief of ACM embedded computing journal (Nov. 2013)

Shukla named ACM Distinguished Scientist (Nov. 2012)

EEWeb featured engineer (Oct. 2012)

New embedded software design class to be offered this spring (Oct. 2012)

ICTAS research awards 2012 (July 2012)

Sandeep Shukla promoted to Professor (June 2012)

Shukla publishes book on low power design (Nov. 2011)

Shukla publishes books on hardware, embedded software synthesis (Sept. 2010)

New computing simulation tool nets best paper award for Shukla and colleagues (Feb. 2010)

Shukla invited to Frontiers of Engineering Symposium (Jan. 2010)

Guaranteeing bug-free software for critical embedded systems (Jan. 2010)

Souping up hardware sim speed (2010 Annual Report)

Resilient, sustainable infrastructures (2009 Annual Report)

Creating a visual environment for safety-critical embedded software (2009 Annual Report)

Shukla receives Humboldt Foundation Award (May 2008)

Safety-critical embedded software: Correct by construction? (2008 Annual Report)

Embedded computers research by Virginia Tech's Shukla attracts national attention (July 2007)

Nano electronics bring mega design challenges (2007 Annual Report)

Researchers from Virginia Tech and beyond meet to advance nanocomputing (April 2006)

New defect-tolerant architectures needed for rampant unreliability in nanotechnology (Feb. 2004)

NSF 2003 PECASE Award

Boosting the productivity of embedded systems designers (2003 Annual Report)

Photograph of Sandeep ShuklaOffice/ Mailing Address: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
Room No. RM508
Department of CSE
Tel: +91 (512) 259-6342
cse.iitk Email: sandeeps AT


Google Scholar Profile

Title: Poonam and Prabhu Goel Chair Professor

Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany, 1997
M.S., State University of New York at Albany, 1995
B.E., Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India, 1991

Teaching Interests:
Formal methods, System level design for hardware, software, and embedded systems, Network application design, Formal verification, Stochastic methods in embedded systems design, Embedded software engineering, System synthesis

Research Interests:
Formal methods, System level design languages and frameworks, Component based and platform based design, System level power management, Formal verification and its use in system design, Concurrency analysis, Embedded systems design and co-design, Software engineering for embedded aystems, Distributed object technology and its application in embedded systems design, Networked embedded systems, Self-stabilization and fault-tolerant distributed systems


Textbooks Published

Low Power Design with High-Level Power Estimation and Power-Aware Synthesis
Ahuja, Sumit, Lakshminarayana, Avinash, Shukla, Sandeep K.
(Springer) 2012

Low Power Hardware Synthesis from Concurrent Action-Oriented Specifications
Singh, Gaurav, Shukla, Sandeep K.
(Springer) 2010

Synthesis of Embedded Software
Editors: Shukla, Sandeep K.; Talpin, Jean-Pierre
(Springer) 2010

Fundamental Problems in Computing - Essays in Honor of Professor Daniel J. Rosenkrantz
Editors: Ravi, S.S.; Shukla, Sandeep K.
(Springer Netherlands) 2009

Metamodeling-Driven IP Reuse for SoC Integration and Microprocessor Design
Authors: Mathaikutty, Deepak A.; Shukla, Sandeep
Copyright 2009

Ingredients for Successful System Level Design Methodology
Authors: Patel, Hiren D., Shukla, Sandeep Kumar (Springer), 2008

SystemC Kernel Extensions for Heterogeneous System Modeling: A Framework for Multi-MoC Modeling & Simulation
Authors: Patel, Hiren D., Shukla, Sandeep Kumar
(Kluwer Academic (Springer) Publishers), 2004, E-Book

Formal Methods and Models for System Design: A System Level Perspective
Authors: Gupta, R.; Le Guernic, P.; Shukla, S.K.; Talpin, J.-P. (Eds.)
(Kluwer Academic (Springer) Publishers), 2004, E-Book

Nano, Quantum and Molecular Computing Implications to High Level Design and Validation
Authors: Shukla, Sandeep Kumar; Bahar, R. Iris (Eds.)
(Kluwer Academic (Springer) Publishers), 2004, E-Book